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Medical Use Subcommittee of the Radiation Safety Committee (MUS-RSC)


The MUS-RSC promulgates policies, rules and procedures for the use of radiation in the clinical environment. This subcommittee reports to the Radiation Safety Committee and Hospital Administration.



Current Roster

Randy Jensen, MD, Ph.D.
Appointed Members
Lisa Bakhsheshy Director of Clincial Operations
Timothy Beals Orthopaedic Surgery Operations
J. Jerald Boseman Dentistry
Luke Buchmann Otolaryngology
John Hoffman HCI CQCI Operations
Peter Jenkins Medical Physicist
Jeffrey T. Yap Clinical Radiology, HCI CQCI Operations
Matthew Poppe Radiation Oncology
Ulrich Rassner Clincial Radiology
Bill Salter Radiation Oncology
Lawrence Marsco Nursing
Ex-Officio Members
Frederick A. Monette Radiation Safety Officer; Director of Radiation Safety
Randy Jensen Radiation Safety Committee Chair; Neurosurgery
Diane Pataki Associate Vice President of Research
Andrew Weyrich Vice President of Research
Last Updated: 1/21/22