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Mission & Values

Mission Statement

Our mission is to enable national and international leading research and education by protecting the health and safety of the University of Utah community, facilities, and its environment through the sound management of radioactive material and radiation-producing equipment.


Radiation Safety is a resource of highly-trained safety professionals who serve the University of Utah community. The Vision of Radiation Safety is to create and maintain a partnership with students, faculty, and staff to understand and manage the risks associated with ionizing radiation. Our vision includes working together to help ensure all health, safety, environmental, security, and compliance concerns are seamlessly addressed while supporting the mission of the University as a whole.


Excellence – We find deep satisfaction in excellent service to the University community, recognizing the trust they place in us whenever they work with or around ionizing radiation. Whenever we commit to a customer, the task is completed at a level that sets a standard for excellence.

Teamwork – We respect each team member’s individual talents and their contribution to the success of our business unit and the University. We foster cooperation and collaboration among all business units for the betterment of the University.

Continual Improvement - We shall maintain and promote the mindset that all aspects of our business can and will be continually improved.  We know that these improvements should be made with the goal of improving customer service, improving work efficiency, and reducing risk to the University and its community.

Respect - We deliver professional, courteous, and consistent service for each individual within the University community.

Ownership - We hold ourselves accountable for our work assignments, professional conduct, and adherence to regulatory requirements and University policy.


Last Updated: 1/21/22